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T4S 2000

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T4S2000 - Tags4All Handheld RFID Reader - With Memory - $349.00
Advantages of Tags4All Handheld RFID Reader
• The Tags4All Handheld Reader automatically turns off when not in use, after approx. 60 seconds.
• The reader is lightweight, and fits in your pocket.
• The T4S2000 model has a memory capacity for a maximum of approx. 800 identification numbers.
• Great for reading RFID tags when the printed number on the tag is hard to read.
• Microchip numbers can be transmitted to a computer when a microchip is scanned, or, using the T4S2000 model, retrieved from memory via an RS232 cable.
• Example: 150 head of cattle/sheep to ship, simply scan all cattle/sheep as they go into truck, connect scanner to computer via RS232 cable, download list to Microsoft Excel, you now have a list of cattle/sheep shipped.
• Conforms to CE norms and ISO 11784/5.
• This reader reads ISO FDX-B and HDX, which includes cattle, swine, sheep, horses
• Bluetooth option available: call for pricing

Technical Data Tags4All Handheld RFID Reader
134.2 KHz low frequency
Transponder types
HDX compatible (ISO 11784/5)
FDX-B compatible (ISO 11784/56)
Reading range
HDX: 110 mm/4.5 inches
FDX-B: 150-180 mm/6-7 inches
RS232 (Bluetooth available) With Software
Power Supply
9 V DC
Temperature range
-10ºC to 60ºC
Dimensions L x W x H:
154 x 80 x 30mm
6 x 3 1/8 x 1 1/4 inches
approx. 140 g

T4S2000 Scanner Instructions
Language and Memory Selection
When you first press the scan button, it should say “English + memory”. If it does not say this, keep the scan button pressed down when you first turn the scanner on until it says this. It will go through a list of options for languages and to have the memory function on or off. Make sure the memory function is in (+) or no data will be stored in memory. The memory will hold approximately 800 ID numbers. The next time you turn the scanner on, it will keep the setting you have selected. Do not keep the scan button held down the next time you turn the scanner on, or it will change the settings.

Scanning ID Tags
If there are no ID numbers in the memory, the scanner will next say “Press SCAN to read”. Press the scan button and it will now say “Reading”. If a number is detected, the ID number will come up on the scanner screen. If no number is detected, it will say “No tag found!”. Once an ID number is detected, or no tag is found, you can press the scan button again to begin a new scan. Each number scanned will be stored in memory as long as the memory function is on.

The T4S2000 Scanner runs off a 9-volt alkaline battery. When the battery is running low, the screen will show “Low battery”. It is recommended that you have extra batteries on hand with the scanner so you can replace the battery when needed.

To Download Data to Excel
1. Plug scanner into computer with RS232 cable.
2. Turn scanner on
3. Open “Scanner Terminal” from enclosed CD
(you should copy this program to your computer hard drive)
4. Go to File, and make sure Link to excel.exe is checked off. If it does not give the option to link to excel, make sure there is no checkmark beside “Link to…exe” It will then say, “No application linked to”. Say OK. Go to File, Link to an Application. On the window that comes up, press OK, then immediately open Microsoft Excel. A window should come up saying that Messages will be sent to excel.exe.
Click OK
5. Open Excel, if you have not already done so it step 4
6. In the Terminal window, go to Connection and select Connect
7. Make sure Caps Lock is on
8. Scan a microchip. The microchip number should show up in the RealTrace Terminal and in Excel. Be sure that the Terminal window is still open as well.

To Dump Data into Excel from the Reader Memory
1. Follow steps 1-7 as above.
2. Turn scanner on. When the screen says Press SCAN to send, press the scan button and all the data on the reader will be sent to Excel.
3. You can then erase the data or keep it on the scanner using the prompts on the scanner screen. Make sure you confirm if you want to erase the data or not.

1. Make sure you are connected to the correct COM port for data transmission
2. If you only want the microchip number to transmit, make sure that under Options, Display all the data is not checked off.
3. If the numbers are coming up as grammatical figures, make sure Caps Lock is on.
4. If it does not scan the numbers into the Terminal or Excel, try disconnecting and reconnecting the scanner. On the Terminal go to Connection. Select Disconnect, then go back and select Connect.

T4S2000 Scanner with Memory and Software

6 x 3.25 x 1.25” / 15.5 x 3 x 8 cm
0.4 lbs / 0.2 kg

Individual Scanner Box
6.75 x 4.5 x 2.25” / 11 x 17 x 6 cm
0.8 lbs / 0.4 kg

Case of 12 Scanners
10 x 13.5 x 7.5” / 26 x 34 x 19 cm
9 lbs / 4 kg

Case of 48 Scanners (4x12)
21.5 x 14.25 x 16” / 36 x 42 x 54 cm
38 lbs / 17.5 kg

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